Let's make A Record!

 After a decade of performing in multiple projects that crossed many different genres it has been my latest venture that I  have found a way to meld the sounds that have influenced me the most and craft something that feels really true to me. 

There's some heartbreakers and some hip shakers. I wanted something that would pull you in and make you shake your thing. Using a blend of of roots, blues, rhythm and blues, and rock and roll it's got energy, soul, and power.  



A taste of what's to come after the goal is met.  


We need your help to make this album come to life! 

Album Campaign Preview

Every little bit helps!

Campaign Information


Over the last ten years I’ve poured myself into a project I founded out of my love for american roots music:  Jazz and early rhythm and blues. I’ve also been apart of folk and country groups, as well as a high energy, soul and funk band. and Each one of these experiences has taught me a great deal but the most important is knowing that my next stage is this album, which is a symbol of my transformation in both my personal and my artistic life. I plan to give you not only what you’ve come to know and love about me but also sides of me you haven't seen before.


I'm starting out asking for $10,000.

To realize my ultimate vision for the project (which includes hiring top notch musicians and a publicity team for the album release), I need $14,000-$20,000.

To take the whole show on the road, I need $20,000-$30,000.

Every little bit you can give to this campaign will make a difference. NO matter how big or small. so please please give anything you got! I completely understand if you can't afford to holler at me monetarily but another way to help BIG TIME is by spreading the word and share on social media. tell your friends and parents and any and all music lovers that you know! 


"Recording Costs" include:

- Paying the Producer, arranger, engineers, and the musicians who play on the record.
- Paying for studio time.
- Paying for mixing and mastering the album.

"Manufacturing Costs" include:
- Printing  copies of the CD and copies of the vinyl record.

"Make a Music Video" 
- Pay for videographer and editing 
-Pay for video producer 

"Fees & Reward Fulfillment" include:
- Electronic payments /Credit Card Processing takes 3% .
- My estimated printing and mailing expenses for rewards (excluding shipments outside    the US, to which a shipping fee is added).


Meeting the project goal will guarantee that the album gets recorded, printed, and sent to you. But, I already have "stretch goals" planned, in case you completely blow my mind and we meet our goal before our 30 days are up!  After I deduct all the expenses I will have just enough to finish the album and make ONE video.  But the Stretch Goals  are just as critical to the projects success. sooooo, if hundreds of you guys want to contribute you won't hear any complaints over here if we go over $10,000! 

This is going to allow me a lot more wiggle room in the studio, to not rush, to be able to work very hard and make something very beautiful and to afford to do things that I would have worried about spending money on.

Meeting the goal early will allow me to fund additional goals like:

- Running a longer album promotion campaign with a publicist  giving me better chances of being heard       by more people.  ( Recommendation is a 6 month campaign at approx $1,500/month ) 

-Making a couple of music videos  -a vital part of the success of a music project. 
( Approx $2,000 for each video) 

-Taking the show on the road 
(Approx $8-15,000. Locations and distance  possibilities such as staying on the East Coast versus taking the show out West will depend on funds raised) 

If all goes according to plan, this album will be funded by the middle of December, and we'll be in the studio starting in January with a release goal of April 2020. Just in time for my birthday and Ohhh what a joyous gift this will be!!

check back too, i'll keep all y'all posted with updates during the fundraising part and way after too. this is gonna be oh! so! fun!!!!!  let's make this record!

Love you all!!



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